The distillery

Our spirits, from Cannonau pomace and Myrtle

The Spiritus Alter distillery is a small company that was founded in 2015 in Loceri in the province of Ogliastra, with the aim of enhancing the local wine sector and completing the supply chain. The company has its roots in an agricultural business that has always been part of our work. We come from a farming tradition, which has always given the proper importance to the land and the uniqueness of its products. With our work we aim to make our flavours more accessible to all, considering the importance and impact that these have on our business.
The company’s production is mainly focused on the development of products derived from the distillation of Cannonau grape pomace, a variety that historically finds in this area an optimal habitat to enhance the sensory characteristics that typify it.
Ours is a small artisan enterprise, with a short supply chain; in fact, we collect the fresh pomace of only Cannonau grapes, traceable and certified, directly from small wineries. Currently, the company offers a white Cannonau grappa, and one aged in small oak barrels, in various formats, as well as a very special spirit from myrtle berries. In the future, we aim to enhance the marketing of our products at the national level, and to expand production by introducing new products that reflect our tradition and allow us to make the authenticity and uniqueness of our Land more widely known.