Holiday between sea and mountains

The Su Solianu Farm pays special attention to those who travel by bike and motorcycle, and those who like to discover Ogliastra along its picturesque routes. Enjoy a holiday in nature, enjoy the pleasure of exploring on foot or riding your mountain bike in the most hidden corners of Sardinia.
You will be able to experience a unique holiday, between Ogliastra’s beautiful beaches and Monte Gennargentu.
We know our Territory very well and we will be happy to help you choose routes and itineraries in the area. In addition, we know many experienced hiking guides and we can give you references and contacts to better organise your excursions in Ogliastra.


The centre closest to us is Barisardo, one of the most important centres in Ogliastra.
Be sure to take a walk through the streets of Barisardo to admire, above all, the textile handicraft carpets, blankets and tapestries. Visit the church of Santa Cecilia and the Church of Our Lady of Monserrato, which is known for its marbles.
There are also numerous archaeological sites in the area: domus de janas (Pizzu and ‘Monti, Funtana su Rettore), nuraghi (Sellersu, the main one) and tombs of the giants (Canali, Uli and Pitzu Teccu).
The symbol is the Torre di Barì, of Aragonese origin. Thirteen metres in height, the Torre controls a long coastal stretch and divides the coastline into separate beaches for men and women: the “mari de is ominis “and the “mari de is feminas”.

Barisardo Agriturismo Su Solianu

Cea Beach

An ogliastrino jewel, Cea beach will capture your heart. A sandy white beach surrounded by shades of light blue and a scrub of mainly junipers.
More than 1 km long, Cea beach is divided between Tortolì and Barisardo.
Punta Niedda is at one end of the beach, while the Scoglius Arrubius are at the centre: the two “faraglioni” are twenty meters high and offer a breathtaking spectacle at sunset. You can even swim to them.
The beach has parking, bar kiosks and equipment for rent.

Cea Beach Agriturismo Su Solianu

Excursions in Ogliastra

Ogliastra is a land between sea and mountains, so is ideal for lovers of trekking.
There are many routes that can be followed on foot or by bike, and excursions of different difficulties – even the most experienced will find a challenge.
The coast of Baunei offers routes on the cliffs overlooking the sea, such as the trek to Cala Goloritzè or Cala Mariolu, and also the most difficult, such as the cliffs of Rocca della Regina or Magolà.
In the territory of Barisardo, however, you will find routes through landscapes of porphyry and granite.
Ask us, we will be happy to advise you on the best routes to enjoy the nature of Sardinia. We can also arrange excursions for you with specialist guides.

Excursions in Ogliastra Agriturismo Su Solianu

The heels of Ogliastra

If you are passionate about walks in nature, don’t miss a hike on the Heels of Ogliastra, whose name derives from their shape, similar to the heel of a shoe. There are many routes you can take to discover these important natural monuments.
Perda ‘e Liana is in the territory of Gairo, and this is certainly the most famous. They are very important both from the geological point of view (thanks to the minerals and fossils present) and from the botanical, for their wild and characteristic Mediterranean maquis. Also very important for birdlife, thanks to the frequent sightings of golden eagles, vultures and also pigeons and partridges, which are typical of this area.
On these walks, you can also find Nuragic sites of some importance, and caves. Also worth visiting are the Scala di San Giorgio, the Tacco Isaro and the forests of the Tacco Arba and Mount Arqueri, or the Tacco di Tisiddu.

The heels of Ogliastra Agriturismo Su Solianu