Educational Farm

The importance of passing on the good things

Our farm was born as a winery and sheep farm and later expanded, following the principle of multi-functionality in agriculture, with the creation of the Agriturismo. Ours is a rural culture, transmitted through our hospitality and the traditional dishes that we want to pass on to future generations through the establishment of authentic courses/educational workshops.
We aim to achieve:

  • Bringing children/young people closer to the countryside, to discover what nature in all its facets has to offer to man. Discovering the authenticity and variety of country products.
  • Making known the traditional Ogliastrina and Sardinian cuisine, strongly rooted in a poor, peasant culture; rediscovering the arts and crafts of the past, identifying with the agricultural and pastoral context.

The workshops we offer are varied, and constitute a true journey of discovery of typical agricultural and catering activities, following the appropriate seasonality of products and processes.


Workshops open to organised groups, schools and associations

Workshops Agriturismo Su Solianu